We all remember those days when your teacher would roll in a giant TV, turn off the lights, and let you enjoy a full VHS tape of Bill Nye The Science Guy. It was a time of great learning (or napping), with a catchy song at the end to keep things chill AF. If you were one of those kids who moved around a lot, Bill might have been the most consistent thing in your childhood years. 

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For anyone who loves Bill just as much as I do, you can get a chance to meet him right here in Toronto. He'll be at the Yorkville Indigo on August 9th, from 7 PM - 8 PM, leading a discussion on the benefits of thinking like a nerd (no seriously, we're not kidding) and signing copies of his new book. 

HOWEVER, there is a catch. You need to get your hands on a group slip in order to attend the event and see him IRL. Which means that you need to line up outside Indigo the day of or buy his book. Then, if you do get in, there won't be allowed to take posed photos, use flash photography, or bring memorabilia to get signed. 

However, for the love of Bill, we think it might be worth it. 

Source: newswire.ca

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