Marijuana legalization has been an ongoing debate riddled with delays, but the government is now saying that if final legislation is approved by the end of the week then Canadian residents will be able to legally light up by September. 

The most recent step in the process involved the Senate proposing changes to The Cannibis Act including banning home growing, and creating a registry of shareholders and people employed in the cannibis industry.

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But ultimately the House of Commons rejected 13 of those amendments, creating a further delay in the process. This led to a 12-hour voting marathon on Friday which led to the House proposing a motion to limit the remaining amount of time to discuss amendments. 

This disagreement between the House and the Senate could lead to a few more rounds of legislative debate, but if the Senate agrees to all of the House's proposed changes the debate could be wrapped up by the end of the week. 

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The time between when the bill passes and final legalization allows for provinces, terrorities, cities and police forces to implement the new rules according to federal law and their own provincial laws. 

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Some provinces such as Quebec and Manitoba are opposed to the House's amendment of allowing home growing. The government's response to this opposition is that ultimately each province has the jurisdiction to regulate marijuana according to their own rules. But the government does warn that prohibiting home growing will defeat the purpose of properly regulating marijuana. 

Here's hoping that all parties involved will be able to work it out. 

Source: CTV News

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