The Canadian National Exhibition, more commonly known as the CNE, is approaching quickly. While August is nearly at the halfway point, Toronto's favourite fair is currently only five days away. 

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Most of us are anticipating an amazing trip to the Ex to eat some delicious and wild food, take a spin on some rides, and beat our friends at ring toss, but sadly this year the CNE will be home to some unhappy people. 

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The CNE is held in Exhibition Place at the bottom of Dufferin Street in Toronto. Currently, union members at IATSE local 58 are picketing and represent stage and technical workers who work on the many areas of the grounds. The members have been locked out by their employer and forced off the job. 

Exhibition Place is home to BMO Field, where the local soccer team, the Toronto F.C. play. The Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Coca-Cola Coliseum, Liberty Grand, and the giant Enercare Centre found in the grounds are also stages and popular hosting areas for the city. 

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The workers are planning on picketing throughout the Exhibition this year due to their month-long bargaining lockout. That means when attendees are visiting the fair this year, they will have to cross the picketing lines to actually enter the CNE. 

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The reason picketers want to be present at the event is that they want people to know about the issue they're fighting but they're not aiming to cause a fuss! 

What that means for attendees is the presence of workers on strike but a normal fair experience once you're inside the CNE grounds. 

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So many Torontonians and others across the province look forward to this event, it's nice to see that despite the strike, business will be running as usual for the CNE. 

Source: Global News

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