Spring has finally arrived in Toronto. After a winter that felt like it lasted forever, spring weather decided to remind Torontonians that it did, in fact, exist in the city. Today is the first official day of the new season, and we have amazing news to start it off. Not only is the weather mild and sunny today, but cherry blossom season is also coming soon! 

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Sakura in High Park has released their second update of Toronto's cherry blossom trees today, just in time for the first day of spring. They said around one week ago that cherry blossom season was already off "to a great start", and we're overjoyed that this latest update today continues to echo that sentiment.

Not only is the season starting off on the right foot, but it's also expected to be a great cherry blossom season overall filled with spectacular displays. "The substantial showing of buds this year is pointing towards the possibility of a significant display of blossoms for 2019," says Sakura in High Park in their update.

According to them, based on the current growth of cherry blossom buds, it looks like Torontonians can expect to see blooming cherry blossom trees sometime between mid-April to early May. Let the countdown begin! 

After a pretty colourless winter filled with snowstorms and freezing rain, we are dying to see a change of scenery and experience vibrant pink colours brighten up the city for spring. 

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Check out the video from Sakura in High Park below that was posted on YouTube!

The cherry blossom trees are expected to continue on a positive track in the upcoming weeks. "Warmer weather is forecast for the weeks ahead which will only further aid in the bud development," says Sakura in High Park. 

"The cherry trees themselves also seem to be taking the temperature changes well as I continue to see large clusters of blossom buds, especially near the sports fields and High Park Trail, also known as, cherry hill (near Grenadier Restaurant)". 

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Sakura in High Park will continue to watch the progress of the cherry blossom trees in the upcoming weeks leading up to their full blossom. Now that spring has officially started in Toronto, we are so ready to take our obligatory spring Instagram shots with some perfectly pink cherry blossoms. 

Disclaimer: This article's cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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