Fans of The Handmaid's Tale rejoice (or beware?): Gilead is actually in Toronto, and it's probably only a few blocks from your house. 

City residents caught a glimpse of numerous handmaids in their signature scarlet capes and white bonnets walking near the Artscape Wychwood Barns yesterday morning, which means the show is officially back to filming, and they're turning the St. Clair Avenue West area into an eerie sight in the process. 

Amongst a sea of red and white handmaids, several dark vehicles were spotted, including a black van with tinted windows belonging to The Eyes, the secret police of the Republic Of Gilead who are responsible for catching traitors.

The scene near Artscape Wychwood Barns seemed to be done in one day, but luckily for mega-fans of the show, it probably won't be the last Toronto location used for the upcoming second series. 

The season 1 adaptation of Atwood’s best selling book was filmed in various locations throughout the city, including City Hall, Lower Bay Street, TTC subway stations and Bonjour Brioche to name a few. So we can only expect to see more shots of Toronto in the coming season.

According to a blog dedicated to mapping out the show's Toronto filming locations, The Handmaid's Tale uses many spots in the city that reside east of Yonge Street. If you're a diehard Offred fan, you may want to start there first. 

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