Unless you've been living under a rock, everyone has been getting ready for the best fall event around - the Toronto International Film Festival. TIFF is a major event in the city and is known for premiering some of the best films ever made. 

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While many Canadians will be standing in line to catch a glimpse of the stars who will be gracing the red carpets, others will be heading to the festival for pure business. In fact, the major streaming services will be in attendance for one purpose only. 

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Executives from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and Apple will be in attendance to scope out the best films that could potentially be new content on their platforms. It's actually not the first time that Netflix or Hulu will be attending the festival in search of new films. 

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Variety first reported the news that Apple's executive would be arriving this Friday and is among the newest to join the film festivals spectators.

The company that's famous for the iPhone and MacBook is still under-wraps about their upcoming streaming service but Variety believes that this is an attempt to get new products for an upcoming launch. 

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TIFF will be taking place in Toronto for ten days, starting tomorrow on September 6th until the 16th. 

Considering the success of 2017 TIFF films like "La La Land," "The Disaster Artist," and "Call Me By My Name" you don't want to miss an opportunity to sit at the premiere of an Oscar winner! Plus you could brush elbows with the higher-ups at Netflix or Apple while you're at it! 

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