Shocking dashcam footage caught the moment an airborne car crashed into stand-still traffic in Vaughan over the weekend. 

The incident happened just before 10AM on Saturday at Weston Road near Highway 7, according to CTV News. The video, caught by motorist Frank Morash, who was waiting at the light at the time, shows a car losing control in the plaza parking lot, before crashing into the snow, over the bank, and into several cars stopped at a light.

“I was just sitting at the traffic lights, and all of a sudden I see a flash to my right, and a great big cloud of snow and a car coming at us,” Morash told CTV News. 

Dash cam footage shows the out-of-control vehicle crashing through a hedge and a digital construction sign before colliding with multiple vehicles. An older woman can be seen getting out of the vehicle.

Minor injuries were reported, and a 71-year-old woman was charged with careless driving.

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