Just imagine: you’ve just finished a long day of classes and you’re stuck on the TTC - a huge inconvenience when it comes to your studying, and your schedule in general. Even though you have to study, by the time you get home all you’ll want to do is have some good eats and watch Netflix - hardly conducive to your academic life. You’re thinking that you probably could have used this time to study for your next class, but lugging around that extra textbook or novel that a public transit traveller can do without. Once again, the TTC has been an inconvenience in your schedule.

If you’ve ever experienced the above scenario where the TTC has just been another studying inconvenience, you’ll be pleased to know that the bad times are almost over.

Photo via Orderly Sorrow

Toronto Public Library has unveiled one it’s coolest and most convenient ideas yet, and it involves our very own public transit system. Following Ottawa’s example of book-vending kiosks in 2010, Toronto Public Library is hoping to do the same. Book-lending machines at Toronto Subway Stations might just be a reality by the end of 2015, starting with a few at the ever-busy Union Station.

While the project is aimed at making Toronto’s libraries more accessible to everyone, book-kiosks at the subway might just be a huge benefit for students everywhere. Imagine having to pick up a new read or even borrow a textbook en route to an appointment or class? When you’re a busy student or even business person, every second counts and a book kiosk might save you tons of time.

Aside from just borrowing texts featured at book-lending kiosk, other possible features include the ability to pick up books you’ve ordered and put on hold. That means grabbing that book you’ve been on the wait-list for during your travels, rather than having to use your precious minutes to trek all the way to your home library instead.

With 24/7 access, book-borrowers everywhere might be less likely to turn in books late and start reading more just because of the sheer convenience. Every penny counts when you’re a student, making 24/7 access a dream come true. No more worrying and rushing to return materials before the library decides to close - which is even more annoying when you consider some library branches close a lot earlier than you think.

An added bonus is the $$$ you'll be saving on not having to actually BUY textbooks, since they will be readily available on your way to class.

Just think how much more bearable and quicker those public transit trips might be if you could easily grab a book at one kiosk and return it at another. We might as well just say goodbye to boring newspapers and crosswords right now. You’ll never have to re-read the same newspaper article again during a trip again.

While “convenient” and “TTC” may not go together, Toronto Public Library has proved why that could be otherwise.

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