Just when we thought we were past all those insane temperatures a couple weeks ago, the weather takes another turn and we are back to overheating. 

Environment Canada issued heat warnings in many parts of Ontario, including Toronto and Ottawa today, but if that wasn't enough, they have added another watch for parts of the GTA. 

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Environment Canada has now issued a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of the GTA including Halton and York Regions. The watch also extends to other parts of Ontario like Peterborough, Sarnia, Waterloo, and Parry Sound. 

According to the alert, the hot weather could result in severe storms causing strong winds, crazy amounts of rain, and even hail. They also warn that thunderstorms can also cause tornados! 

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Thunderstorms are a lot more likely when it is hot and humid outside like it is today. That's because the warm air and the moisture mix together in the atmosphere to form massive storm clouds in the sky. 

The good news is that these thunderstorms usually mean a break in the humidity, which would be great considering how sticky it is out there today. 

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Environment Canada has also issued heat warnings in other parts of the country, like British Columbia, Alberta, and Northern Ontario where they have also issued severe thunderstorm watches. 

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