The past few days in the city have felt as though Spring was finally setting in. With no snow or ice and yesterday reaching 12 degrees, it seemed like we could all finally ditch our winter boots and coats and get over this year's long Winter. Unfortunately, according to weather outlets, that's definitely not the case, snow is definitely going to be coming back and it's happening a lot sooner than you'd think. 

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Environment Canada released this morning that while the temperatures right now feel like Spring, they are expected to dramatically drop in the next couple days with an increased chance of rain. While there will be a 40% chance of showers on Wednesday morning until the afternoon with an estimated high of 12 degrees, that's where the good news ends. 

From there it's projected that the 60 percent chance of rain on Thursday night could be snow as temperatures are expected to drop back down to -7 with a possible high of 2 if we're lucky. So you definitely are going to want to keep your Winter coat handy for the rest of this week. 

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This isn't the first time and definitely won't be the last time that we've been tricked into thinking Winter would be ending early. If you are really craving Spring or even Summer, there is always heated indoor pools you can check out in the meantime! 

Source: Toronto Star

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