Many expected that the arrival of the Ontario Cannabis Store would awaken competitive pricing between the legal platform and other illegal websites. The recent offerings that illegal sites have been offering as of late to their customers have made it clear that illegal dealers aren't going down without a fight, and they're making it very hard for their customers to want to leave. 

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When the Ontario Cannabis Store finally arrived on October 17th, Ontarians across the province flocked to the site to see history be made. The site was, of course, met with initial criticism for their lack of preparedness considering items sold out within minutes and for many, the server wasn't even working.

Though if there is one issue plaguing the provincial cannabis retailer to this day, it's the delivery wait times and high prices. 


It seems illegal competitors figured out their response quickly to the OCS's privilege of being not only a convenient but legal route for customers to get cannabis.

These illegal providers offer dramatically lower prices seen as little as $3 a gram and 48-hour delivery shipping, not to mention also being tax-free and not making their customers go through the hassle of giving up personal information to the government. 

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Considering the OCS is still backed up after it's initial first day and illegal websites tempting incentives, many Canadians are admitting to going back to their initial dealers. One Canadian tells us:

"I'm glad I gave [OCS] a shot because it was cool to be a part of history the day it was legalized, but it took over two weeks to arrive and was way more expensive than it would have been if I had just gotten it from my dealer. I've just ended up back at my dealer again because they're more convenient, to be honest." 

With even medical marijuana users claiming the shortage of the legal product that is driving them to illegal providers, the OCS definitely has a very large problem on their hands. 

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So while the OCS did rake in over 100,000 orders on the first day, it seems many of those customers are now starting to look back to their old methods or the new competitive illegal platforms. Mainly because of the OCS's inability to actually deliver the convenience they advertised.

It will definitely be interesting to see how long it takes for the OCS to finally stabilize itself, and whether it will be able to win it's lost customers back when their competitors are offering everything from low prices and fast shipping to complete privacy. 

Source: The Record 



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