This weekend, York Regional Police responded to a call at a Tim Hortons and Wendy's location in Aurora where a male driver was completely unresponsive in the drive-thru queue. With the car still running and locked, the Ontario man had pulled into the drive-thru before completely passing out. Police state that the driver was asleep behind the wheel and police had to break the car window in order to gain access to inside the vehicle. 

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The call happened around 5 PM on Sunday at 304 Wellington St. E, in Aurora. When police arrived on scene they repeatedly knocked on the car window in attempts to wake the driver. before smashing the window in order to turn off the engine and check to see if the driver was healthy. 

York Police say that the driver was eventually woken up and smelled like alcohol. He was immediately arrested and taken to the station where he was breathalyzed. The driver ended up blowing more than four times over the legal limit. 

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A video was posted by York Regional Police of the incident. It shows multiple officers on scene banging on the window in attempts to wake the driver before smashing in the window in order to get inside the vehicle. 

This isn't the only impaired driving case that the York Regional Police has had to deal with this week. In fact, York Police state that they have charged 21 drivers with impaired-related charges from January 28- February 4. 

With the new impaired driving penalties that started to take place at the beginning of January, a variety of RIDE programs and impaired driving blitzes have occurred throughout Ontario in attempts to limit the number of drivers who get behind the wheel when they have been drinking.  

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York Regional Police began publicly posting names of those who were charged with impaired driving in December, yet the name of the driver from Aurora is not clearly stated in their weekly statements. 

Source: Toronto Sun 

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