The city of Toronto is picking up the pieces from the van attack earlier this week that killed 10 people and left more than a dozen other people wounded in hospital. 

A suspect, named Alek Minassian, was arrested at the scene and charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 accounts of attempted murder

Work is now being done to positively identify all of the victims in the attack, but that could take some time it turns out.  

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The fact that there at 10 fatalities and the circumstances of the incident mean that it is going to take longer than usual to correctly identify everyone. 

Visual identification is often not enough when people have died in a violent manner because they look much different due to the injuries they suffered.  

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According to Dr. Dirk Huyer right now the team working on identifying the bodies is using “a method to scientifically confirm those identifications and those confirmations will be through dental X-ray comparison, potentially fingerprint comparison or, if necessary, DNA comparison. So we are actively obtaining records.” 

The coroners office is taking extra care not to make a mistake like when 2 players from the Humboldt Broncos were misidentified earlier this month, leading to public outrage about how that could be allowed to happen.   

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Additional staff have been called into Toronto to help with the process of identifying all of the victims correctly. 

Obviously the team wants to get everything right before they release all of the names of the victims to the public.

Source: Global News

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