Now that we're almost halfway through September, tons of Ontarians are planning road trips to apple orchards, throwing on knitted sweaters and flannels, all while sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte. While it's nice to see the shift in seasons, it looks like summer may actually be sticking around in Ontario for the rest of the month. 

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The Weather Network has been tracking Hurricane Florence and it looks like warm systems are going to be steering the storm into Canada in the next 7-10 days. Prior to the actual rainfall of the storm, the humidity in Ontario will grow around the Great Lakes, making this next week a scorcher. 

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Considering how cold last weekend was in Ontario this weekend will feel really hot, with temperatures climbing into the 30-degree Celsius range. There is a possibility of scattered thunderstorms on Friday due to the summer-like weather. 

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Between the week of September 17th to 23rd, the temperature will remain hot early on but cool off later in the week. There is a cold front that's expected to move through the southern part of the province that could bring extra rain before the hurricane or remnants of pass through. 

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Of course, Hurricane Florence is only being monitored and predicted. That means if it grows stronger or gets pushed in another direction, the weather patterns may change completely. 

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While it's nice that we get to enjoy some extra summer heat those of us awaiting fall are getting a little impatient. At least we know that once Florence blows over we can finally settle into the autumn of 2018.

Time to head to the beach, fire up the BBQ and just enjoy the summer heat one last time. After all, the snow will show up sooner than we think! 

Source: The Weather Network 

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