Get ready for another hot weekend, Ontario — new forecasts by The Weather Network show 'real feel' temperatures of up to 38 C this weekend, thanks to a gradually building heat and humidity across the province.

Temperatures will hover around the 30-degree mark from Friday through Sunday, with a mix of sun and clouds. However, the humidity will make it feel a little bit hotter, with 'real feels' of 34, 37 and 38 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

It will also feel like 38 on Monday, however a thunderstorm risk has been noted in the forecast:

"Temperatures begin another steady climb through the weekend, although it won't be as hot or humid as last week's stifling Canada Day long weekend," writes Andrea Bagley for The Weather Network.

Super Typhoon Maria

A cooler pattern of weather has been delayed thanks to a super typhoon that will affect the position of the jet stream over the next week.

"It looks like that the dip in the jet stream will be further to the west than what we were initially expecting (more towards the eastern Prairies and into the western Great Lakes), which is actually related to the track of the typhoons in the western Pacific Ocean, including Super Typhoon Maria," says Doug Gillham, meteorologist for The Weather Network..

"While the pattern change is taking longer to develop, we still expect that the hot pattern will relax, and more comfortable temperatures will dominate during late July and into August," Gillham says.

Overall, Ontarians can expect less heat and humidity as August rolls in.

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