If you live in Toronto then you know that this year reading the news has felt like tragedy after tragedy. Gun violence has been on the rise this year and now a shooting Wednesday morning has pushed Toronto to reach the highest number of homicides since 1991. 

Homicide numbers are reaching an all-time high of almost 30 years and there is still over a month left in 2018. 

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Yohannes Brhanu, a 22-year-old Toronto man, was shot this morning around Ann Arbour Road by Albion and Weston roads in the Humberlea area. Police were called to the area just after midnight on Wednesday morning after multiple calls were placed to 911. 

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Toronto Police Detective Sergeant Mike Carbone confirmed that Brhanu was found in his car suffering from gunshot wounds and was transported to a trauma centre where he later died. Police have confirmed that between 10 to 20 shots were fired.

Toronto has experienced two mass-tragedies in 2018, including the Toronto van attack that left 10 dead and 15 injured, as well as the Danforth shooting that killed two people. The deadly van attack has been declared the worst mass killing in Canadian history, after the 1989 shooting at École Polytechnique in Montreal.

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Just last month, another man was shot in his car during broad daylight around Toronto's Downsview Park. The man was identified as a 26-year old Ryerson University student and pronounced dead on the scene.  

While the Toronto Police homicide data portal has yet to be updated to include the shooting on Wednesday morning, the data still displays that compared to the last five years there are already more than 25 additional homicides in 2018. 

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Toronto's Mayor John Tory has called for an overall handgun and ammunition ban in the city to help combat the rise of gun-crime and homicides. After being pushed from multiple cities, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has since publicly announced the federal government is currently investigating what a ban would look like nationally. 

Source: CP24City News Toronto 

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