Canada is dealing with a rather irritating cold snap that is currently making its way over the country. Several cities are under extreme cold weather alerts at the moment, and some (particularly those in more northern regions) are even experiencing temperatures of -40°C or more! The sad part is, none of this is really that surprising - for most Canadians, it’s just another winter day in the Great White North.

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But when you compare the climate and temperature data of various cities to, I don’t know, other planets in our solar system, you really get a sense of just how severe the weather is in Canada right now.

For example, a recent report by the National Post reveals that Toronto is actually colder than mars at the moment. Comparing the surface temperatures of Mars and Earth can be difficult because Mars undergoes frequent climate fluctuations across its landscape. However, when focusing on a particularly cold section of Mars called the Gale Crater, clearer comparisons between both planets' climates can be made.

The Curiosity Rover, which is currently stationed in the Gale Crater, has reported temperature readings of -8°C on Thursday. In Toronto, the Pearson International Airport showed temperatures of -8.4°C. Of course, the city won’t be experiencing the -75°C overnight temperatures that the Gale Crater does, but it’s still funny to think that Toronto can get colder than Mars during the day despite the Earth being in closer proximity to the Sun.

Other interesting findings by the National Post include Mayo, Yukon being colder than the asteroid belt, Edmonton being colder than the South Pole, and Ottawa being colder than Moscow.

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