Beer and wine sales will be expanded into corner stores, big box stores, and more grocery stores, the Ontario government announces.  The expansion will reportedly slash alcohol prices and prevent the LCBO from becoming privatized. Ontario's Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli explained yesterday that Ontarians will soon have more options for purchasing alcohol and that the Progressive Conservatives will fulfill their promise to make it happen.

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In a speech in Toronto, Fedeli told the audience, "Our government is actively working to expand the sale of beer and wine to corner stores, box stores, and even more grocery stores." He said, "We made a commitment during the campaign to provide consumers with greater choice and convenience, and we plan on delivering."

Although the timeline of the expansion has not yet been disclosed, Fedeli insists that more competition in the industry will create lower prices for consumers while also expanding the availability of products, CP24 reports.

According to Fedeli, Ontario currently has the lowest density of retail outlets selling beer, wine, cider and spirits in Canada.  The province has under 3,000 outlets selling alcohol compared to Quebec's nearly 8,000.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath believes the PC government's priorities are not aligned with those of Ontarians.  She explained to reporters that if she were elected premier, she would be focused on enhancing public services for Ontario's residents, as opposed to increasing access to alcohol.

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She reported to CP24, "We have a government that's taking teachers out of classrooms, reducing autism services for kids but making sure that we can have beer in every corner store.  I think they have the wrong priorities."

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