After delaying his trial at least twice, Jacob Hoggard is due back in a Toronto courthouse tomorrow, to appear for two different sexual assault charges and one count of sexual interference. 

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He was originally supposed to appear in court on August 15th but that was pushed back until September 12th. Then, his court date was pushed back another month, to October 10th.

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Jacob is due at the Old City Hall Courthouse, on Queen St. in Toronto, which is home to the Criminal Ontario Supreme Court of Justice. It's not yet known what time he will arrive since the court schedule isn't released until tomorrow morning. 

Previously only his lawyer, Ian Smith, has been present for his previous court appearances. But, since the case has been pushed back every time, that could explain the star's absences. If the case is going to be heard tomorrow, it is likely that Jacob will be there. 

At this point, it's not known for sure whether the trial will begin tomorrow. But, if it does, the first step will be an arraignment or the moment when the accused chooses whether or not to plead guilty to the charges they are facing. 

We don't know for sure how Jacob will decide to plead to the three charges against him, but so far he has denied all the accusations, saying he has never engaged in any non-consensual sexual activity. 

Following his plea, if one is made, Jacob or his lawyer will also choose whether they want the case to go before a provincial court judge, a superior court judge, or a superior court judge with a jury. 

If Jacob Hoggard is found guilty of the three charges he could be facing a maximum of 11.5 years in prison. His band, Hedley, has been on a hiatus since the allegations came out. 

UPDATE: Jacob Hoggard's case has been pushed back yet again after a brief court hearing in Toronto on Wednesday. The case will be heard next on November 7. 

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