It's another day on the campaign trail for the federal party leaders and it was a sweet one for the NDP in Toronto. The Jagmeet Singh and Jack Layton NDP connection continued with a touching tribute as Singh made a campaign stop in Layton's old riding on October 15 with less than a week left before the election. 

Singh spent the morning campaigning in the riding of Toronto-Danforth with the NDP candidate for that riding, Min Sook Lee. Outside of the Broadview Station subway stop, Singh took the time to meet with people and take pictures with them.

Toronto-Danforth was the riding of late NDP leader Jack Layton from 2004 until his death in 2011 and when posting about the campaign stop on social media, Singh immediately brought up Layton and the work he did. 

In a tweet about the campaign stop, Singh wrote, "this is where Jack built a legacy."

The NDP candidate for Toronto-Danforth also took to Twitter to post about campaigning with Singh and meeting with young people in the area.

"The momentum is stronger than ever," she tweeted. 

The riding of Toronto-Danforth has gone back and forth between Liberal and NDP. From 2000 to 2004, Liberal Dennis Miller was elected. In the 2004 election, he lost to Layton who had become the party leader the year before. After Layton's death in 2011, NDP Craig Scott won the by-election for that riding. 

In the last federal election, Toronto-Danforth switched to Liberal after more than 10 years of being NDP territory. 

But the race in 2015 was a close one and now in battleground Ontario, Singh's campaigning in the riding was definitely an attempt to bring voters back to the NDP. 

Singh echoed the sentiment from his tweet and posted more photos of him meeting with people outside of Broadview Station. 

This isn't the first time that Singh and Layton have been connected. 

At the beginning of the election campaign, Singh spent time in Toronto with former MP and Layton's widow Olivia Chow when the two got together at her house with other New Democrats to give Singh their warm wishes for the start of his campaign.

On October 12, Singh recounted what Layton said to him before running in Brampton back in 2011. 

"Don’t let anyone ever tell you it can’t be done," Layton told Singh. 

Singh must have taken that advice to heart because he's out here doing a lot. And he'll definitely be glad to have even a fraction of Jack Layton magic himself. 

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