Anyone who has had the pleasure of eating a cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu's knows just why they are so popular. They're soft, mellow, and just basically one of the most delicious things in the world. And anyone who has had one also knows just how insanely popular they are, and how long the lines can be to get one. However, if you happen to be someone like Jagmeet Singh, Uncle Tetsu would give you some of his famous cheesecake himself!

That's what went down on October 15, when the NDP leader happened to meet the man himself. In a tweet, Singh wrote, "I just met Uncle Tetsu - like THE Uncle Tetsu - in Toronto. He gave me one of his cheesecakes. So I’m feeling pretty good right now."

The tweet also included a picture of Singh along with the real Uncle Tetsu (who looks just like the drawing of him that adorns the bakery's sign). Both are wearing giant grins, and Uncle Tetsu is even flashing the camera a hearty thumbs up.

It's definitely a cute moment and a reminder that not everything in this federal election campaign needs to be so negative. There's still room for some election humor and cuteness.

It also happens to be the latest food-themed tweet from Singh, who also shared a recipe for Punjabi poutine over Thanksgiving.


The tweet gained plenty of reactions from people who are fans of the famous cheesecakes, as well as a few people who couldn't believe that Uncle Tetsu is a real person and not just a mascot.


"Call me. I want a piece of that cheesecake," wrote @linniewoods.


One Twitter user even jokingly suggested that the cheesecake would be seen as a corporate contribution.


Meanwhile, the photo also received some positive attention from two Ontario NDP MPP's, Marit Stiles and Suze Morrison.

"Well now I’m really jealous," Stiles wrote.

"Me too! Let's get one to share when we are back at QP!" Morrison replied.


The Canadian federal election will take place on October 21.

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