The NDP's new leader has a message for part of Canada, as the recent Jagmeet Singh no turban ad was aimed at Quebec. The leader said his latest ad, in which the election candidate removes his turban, was meant to "show an openness to Quebec." Singh released the ad early in September offering Canadians a look at a different side of himself.

The advertisement, which was entirely voiced in French, was released in the hopes of gaining supporters in the predominantly French province, The National Post reported.

Singh is seen in the video's opening shot with his long hair down. The clip then cuts to a montage of him tying his turban and jumping into a sparring montage at the gym.

"I want to show an openness to Quebec, and I wanted to show folks in case they were worried. It's just hair underneath there," Singh joked in his response according to Global News.
"But the openness is that you know for me I want to be an ally for Quebec and that means letting people know where I stand and who I am."

Singh has long stood in opposition to Quebec's controversial Bill 21, a law which successfully barred residents from wearing religious symbols while working in positions of authority. Police officers, teachers, and public servants were all affected by the bill's passing back in June.

"This law that's being proposed is something that divides a population...that to me is something that's very saddening. I think it's hurtful because I remember what it's like to grow up and not feel like I belong," explained Singh before the bill passed back in March.

Since its passing, Singh has fought hard to establish a stronger NDP presence in Quebec. He has made it clear that he plans on opposing the bill further in the province in an effort to ensure everyone has a right to their own identity.

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