You can tell a lot about a person by which sports team they like. For example, Leafs fans are the kind of people who never give up hope. Apparently Jagmeet Singh is a part of that club, and people are roasting him for it.

In a July 7 Instagram post, the NDP leader shared a message about taking on the current pandemic.

"Together, by taking care of one another we will conquer COVID-19," he wrote in his caption.

It was the photo included in the post that seemed to get the most attention, though. In it, Singh is wearing a t-shirt adorned with the words "Conquer COVID-19."

However, the first 'O' has been replaced by the logo for the Toronto Maple Leafs, seeming to reveal Singh's preferred hockey allegiance.

The people who commented on his post were not willing to let this go unnoticed.

"At least we know that Jagmeet will never be distracted by playoff hockey," wrote @gasfarmer.

"Brooo ur a BC MP, u can't be wearing that shirt," @jgillcomedy wrote, with user also pointing out Singh's west coast Parliamentary seat, commenting "A leafs fan... say it ain’t so @jagmeetsingh. Thought you’d be a canucks fan for sure."

Some users expressed that they still like the NDP leader, despite his choice in hockey teams to support.

"Ahhh....I liked you and then you went and put a leafs shirt on. 😣 Hahaha jk you're still awesome!" wrote user @j.elle.gravelle.

"What a horrible shirt 😂 JK I still love and support YOU hahaha" commented @melaneycameron, while @nell005 wrote, " can't be a Leafs fan! It shatters the perfect image I had of you 😉. Seriously though, let's crush Covid...and then have you as PM!"

If Singh really is as big a Leafs fan as his shirt might indicate, then he might be able to watch his team play on their home turf if Toronto is officially confirmed as one of the NHL's hub cities.

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