A new Tokyo ramen joint is coming to Toronto, and you're going to want to get in on this.

This isn't just any bowl of ramen. Tokyo chef Atsushi Yamamoto has announced that he is bringing his mouthwatering, multi award-winning ramen to the 6ix. His Michelin-endorsed restaurant, Konjiki Hototogisu, will have its first international outpost at 5051 Yonge Street in North York. And boy, do we feel honoured.

via @konjiki_ramen

Established in 2006 in Tokyo's vibrant Shibuya district, Konjiki Ramen has become wildly popular among ramen lovers, chefs and critics. Not only has it been awarded prestigious status by the Michelin guide for the past three years, it's also earned world-class merits including three 'best in Japan' awards.

In fact, people have been known to line up for hours waiting to get a bowl.

And it's no surprise why Konjiki is so prize-worthy. The restaurant has uncompromising standards when preparing every single bowl of ramen - from cooking the noodles in filtered water to having the noodle machine itself imported from Japan.

Toronto diners can look forward to a menu that boasts freshly cooked and homemade noodles as well as made-it-from-scratch broth.

And specially made just for its North American customers, Konjiki will be serving 'concept ramen', which the restaurant describes as 'an adventure blend of Japanese originality crossover fresh local ingredients [that] will surely pleasure your taste buds.'

Considering this is Toronto and diners here tend to line up by the hundreds just to get their hands on the next, new best dish, you may want to start clearing your calendars for a spot in line at Konjiki. 

The restaurant is set to open sometime this month.

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