Drivers commuting out of downtown Toronto may be in for a serious traffic headache on Aug. 14. Toronto Police Services are warning the public of traffic restrictions and security enhancements that are expected to come into play this Wednesday. Ahead of the Jays game, Toronto police released a statement about the increased safety measures.

The Blue Jays are playing the Texas Rangers at the Rogers Centre at noon on Wednesday, which will already impact traffic during the lunchtime rush. However, it’s not just the game that's causing delays. It’s the fact that the Jays are also hosting their annual Camp Day event, which means numerous transportation buses will be making their way into the downtown area.

As a result of the increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic, police will be enforcing several road closures and restrictions.

There will also be pre-game restrictions on the roadway surrounding the Rogers Centre. Those restrictions will commence at 11:00 a.m. and remain in effect until the end of the game. Police did not specify which roads will be blocked off.

Police, the Rogers Centre, and Toronto city officials are encouraging people to avoid driving into the city on Wednesday. Public transit and carpooling are the two main alternatives being suggested to help control traffic congestion.


Police are also warning the public about enhanced security measures in the surrounding area. An increase in police presence and the use of the public and private resources is to be expected. Authorities also reported that while there is no imminent threat at this time, security issues are being monitored and changes will be made if need be.

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