It's not news to anyone that Toronto is having a hard year when it comes to crime and tragedy in the city. After a mass shooting on the Danforth this summer, the Toronto city council sent a letter to the federal government asking for a ban of handguns in the city, something the whole country is now investigating.

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Now Justin Trudeau's government has taken it a step further by actively promising funding of $1 million to help reduce the crime rates in the city. 

The million dollars will be spread over three years and help fund the Focus Toronto program. Focus Toronto works on intervention for people who believed to be high-risk for committing crimes or becoming a victim of those crimes.

The program is offered in four areas of the city currently, which includes Rexdale which launched back in 2013, as well as North Scarborough, and Downtown East and West all which started two years ago in 2016. 

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The word focus in the program name is actually an acronym that stands for "Furthering Our Community by Uniting Services." The program works with the City, Police as well as the United Way. 

By creating an environment that allows people to seek help when necessary the program deals helps reduce risk, crime, victimization, and harm by improving the community wellbeing. 

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Statistics show that there has been an increase in referrals for the program but that means that more at-risk people are receiving the help they need. 

Funding like this can help those who need it the most and make out city safer in the long run. 

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