Trudeaumania is in full effect indeed, and not just in Canada. GQ recently wrote an article entitled The 13 Most Stylish Men In The World Right Now, and it came as no surprise that our beloved PM was included in their list.

Here's what they had to say about him:

Canada's new Prime Minister is an anomaly on the global politics stage for one big reason: He's a world leader with style. Thanks to an arsenal of fitted (by politician standards) suits, a mane of hair that would make Jon Snow jealous, and the ability to actually have fun with his wardrobe—striped socks, anyone?—this Canuck is proving that leading well and dressing well aren't mutually exclusive.

And the love didn't stop there. They wrote yet another article on 10 Reasons Why Justin Trudeau Is The Most Stylish Politician Alive Right Now. Other notable Canadians to join him include Ryan Reynolds and Drake.

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