If you haven't already heard the news, the new Ontario Premier has been elected, and no it's not incumbent Kathleen Wynne.  As a matter of fact the Ontario Liberals have not only lost the election but as many as 50 seats in the Ontario legislature. 

With such a sweeping loss and an emotionally draining campagin season Kathleen Wynne has just made a very big announcement. 

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The Liberal leader has just declared that she will be stepping down as the party leader and has started the process of looking for an interim candidate to replace her.

While she was very open about the fact that she was unliked, and conceited defeat well before election day,  it still comes as a shock to her supporters that she is planning on making room for someone new to take over and as she said, “passing the torch". 


You'll want to have a good look at this. #sorrynotsorry

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The reaction to the news has been met with some suprise, however many have taken to soical media to thank her for her years of work on behalf of the province. 

Others have had strong and adverse opinions to the news.

Wynne holds the title of the first woman and first openly gay individual to become the Ontario Premier. 

And while she might be stepping down as party leader she is still going home a winner in her riding, as she has been re-elected once again in the Don Valley West area. 

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