It comes as no surprise that nearly the entire nation will do just about anything to ensure that Kawhi signs back on with the Toronto Raptors for next season. From offering him houseplants to mayor John Tory offering Kawhi his job, it seems that Canadians are pretty desperate. So desperate, that mysterious Kawhi ads are now popping up around Toronto in attempts to get Kawhi to stay with the Raptors. 

On Thursday, a bunch of Torontonians spotted some unusual advertisements as they made their daily commutes through the Toronto PATH. The ads have been reported to appear throughout the entire PATH, reading "The King's Throne Stays In The North" with the hashtag #KawhiStays underneath it. The text is backed onto a Game of Thrones looking throne. 

The weirdest thing about these ads though is that there is no indication on the screen who created or is paying for these ads that are now currently taking over the underground of the 6ix. Considering these advertisement screens are seen by thousands of commuters a day, it seems a bit odd that nobody would own up to creating these ads. 

While there is no apparent answer to who decided to put out these advertisements, CityNews reports that they were able to learn that Pattison OneStop was the company behind them. 

According to CityNews, the company stated that the campaign was created as a retaliation of advertisements that are currently being run in Los Angeles asking Kawhi to sign there.

It's clear that Kawhi is currently battling between making the choice to sign back on with the Raptors or switch to the Lakers. 

In fact, the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg actually dropped a song on Thursday asking for Kawhi to sign on with the Lakers.  

The company states the reason that they left their name off the advertisements is so it would be focused on Kawhi staying in Toronto and not on their brand. 

However, it's unclear if these advertisements are only present in Toronto. One Twitter user even claims they spotted the same ad in their elevator advertisement screen in Calgary. 

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