A reported viral social media post is causing trouble for an Iranian supermarket in Toronto. Management at Khorak Supermarket, located at 6125 Yonge St., is now working to reportedly discredit a harmful rumour that began circulating about the store online. Owners claim that the post stated a customer infected with the coronavirus had shopped at the market.

Since the post has been made, owner Sam Fayaz has refuted those allegations assuring customers that the business “hasn’t had any issues” with the virus.

“There have not been any cases of any of the COVID-19 infected individuals in the city of Toronto or York claiming to have shopped from us," Fayaz told Narcity.

"This bogus and outrageous post on Facebook and Instagram that went viral was by someone sick who had no good intention but to ruin the reputation of one of the most trusted, reputable and long-lasting businesses in the Iranian Community in Toronto.” 

“We are fully aware of the health risks associated with the cross-contamination of this deadly virus, especially in places where there the Iranian community are shopping or eating or holding special events,” he added.

Fayaz also noted that a full-time security guard has been placed at the store’s front entrance to ask everyone who enters the store to mandatorily use hand sanitizer. There is also five hand sanitizing stations set up throughout the store.

Khorak Supermarket also released its own response to the rumour on Facebook.

“Unfortunately, among the Iranian community of Toronto, there is a rumor that a person was seen in Khorak’s superfood store with symptoms of the coronavirus. We are informing the public that this is an unfair rumor,” a translated statement reads.

“All staff is in full health and disinfectants are being offered to customers at the entrance door, all staff, and management, who are able to wear masks and use gloves,” it adds.

However, these reported rumours come at a time where 20 confirmed coronavirus cases have occurred in Ontario, with over 100 other potential cases being investigated. 

It was revealed on Tuesday, that a security guard working for a Scarborough condominium had tested positive for COVID-19. The staff at the condo, which is located on Sheppard Ave. E began deep cleaning its common areas in response to the news.

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