If you won an NBA championship ring, would you actually wear it? The relentless world of sports doesn't leave much time for celebrating and looking back at past achievements. And Kyle Lowry admits he still hasn't donned his own personal memento out and about. In fact, his Toronto Raptors ring has barely seen the light of day.

KLow was interviewed on Yahoo Sports' The Bounce on Wednesday, December 18 after the Raptors' 112-99 win over the Detroit Pistons across the border.

In the chat, Lowry shares that he actually hasn't worn his champion's bling out since receiving it because he's too focused on making sure 2019-20 is another stellar season for the team.

"No man, I'm-a be honest with you, I haven't," the longtime point guard replied when asked if he'd worn the ring since receiving it alongside his teammates back in October.

He then doubled down by revealing the ring has barely made it out of his safe.

"I think I took it out the safe one time," the Philadelphia-born star continued. "I'll wear it at some point but I wanna enjoy this year, I wanna play this year out.

"I think when I retire, I'll kind of look back on all the things that I've accomplished and look at it then. But, right now, I have it right here in my mind."



Perhaps the moment still feels surreal for Lowry after so many years on the court. After all, it was an emotional moment for many of the players.

Lowry, you may remember, recently had a leading role in presenting a ring, as well as receiving one.

He was the man to finally present his former teammate and NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard with The Klaw's own ring when the Raptors played the Los Angeles Clippers at Scotiabank Arena.

Few would argue Leonard didn't deserve one for his massive contribution to Toronto's success.

However, former teammates such as Jonas Valanciunas aren't even getting one.

Another former player who will receive one, though, is Jeremy Lin. The Beijing Ducks star, who spent a matter of months in Toronto in 2019, is having his ring flown out to him.

Lowry is seen by many fans as a model pro, so the fact he's not basking in last season's glory is perhaps not surprising.

Also, there's the fact that the Raptors' rings are the biggest and heaviest in history, so not wearing them could be as much about practicality as about emotions.

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