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Leave it to Toronto to be the trendsetters!

Las Vegas based website, Seeking Arrangement have released their rankings of the fastest growing number of users amongst Canadian Universities. U of T have placed first on the list with 195 new "sugar babies" in 2014. Congratulations ladies of U of T- you've made it!

The website promises to hook up older, wealthy, "Christian Grey" types (do they look like Jamie Dornan though?) with younger women needing some spare change. Seeking Arrangement say they are a dating website like any other, users create profiles describing their likes and dislikes, except here the women and men "know exactly what they're looking for", someone to pay their bills. Essentially, up to 8 women, or 'sugar babies' as they are so creepily referred to, can be assigned to a single "sugar daddy" who offers them money in exchange for companionship.

The $3000 allowance may slightly explain why University students account for 42% of the overall number of members. It is an opportunity for students to have their tuition and/or books paid for by a stranger, you know kind of like getting a part time job or applying for OSAP.

Below is the full ranking of Canadian universities according to the stats released by the website. Ryerson isn't too far down the list, followed by Guelph, Western, York, Waterloo, so essentially every University in Toronto and the GTA made the list. Good to know where we're at ladies, good. to. know.

1. University of Toronto

2. McGill University

3. University of Saskatchewan

4. University of British Columbia

5. MacEwan University

6. Ryerson University

7. Université du Québec à Montréal

8. University of Guelph

9. University of Western Ontario

10. Carleton University

11. University of Victoria

12. York University

13. Simon Fraser University

14. University of Windsor

15. University of Calgary

16. University of Waterloo

17. Laval University

18. Dalhousie University

19. University of Alberta

20. University of Ottawa

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