This past weekend in Richmond Hill, Ontario a horrific crash took place that has one woman dead and three others injured.  

The accident happened on Sunday around the Stouffville Road and Bayview Avenue area, just after 6 p.m.. One individual involved in the crash told the CBC, that while driving with his father on Stouffville Road, he saw a blue Lamborghini approaching him from the oncoming lane. Stouffville Road is one-lane in each direction in that stretch. 

He said that his father, who was the driver of the car "quickly tried to swerve away from the Lamborghini so it wouldn't hit him head on".

That swerve resulted in a chain reaction that caused 5 other cars to crash as well. According to the Facebook group Barrie 411, that reported on the crash, the high end sports car involved in the incident burst into flames. Two people were transported to trauma centre, two others to local hospitals.

The car that erupted into flames is a Lamborghini Aventador according to the Facebook post and is valued at over $400,000. 

There is speculation that there some was sort of racing involved in this accident, however there is no official confirmation from authorities on if that is true. All we know at this time, is that the accident was a high speed one, since that particular area of Stouffville Road has a posted speed limit of 70 km/ h. 

Source: Barrie 411, CBC 

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