Police investigating after a series of Toronto shootings took place over 15 days in the Lawrence Heights area. Investigators are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects by releasing security images and footages of the Lawrence Heights shootings.

According to Toronto Police Services, all seven shootings occurred back in July. The first took place shortly before 5 p.m on July 15. A security camera captured two men exiting a vehicle at 36 Pengarth Court, before approaching a man sitting in a parking lot and opening fire on him.

Police released descriptions of the two male suspects. The first suspect is described as 5’10 with a slim build. He was last seen wearing a black sweater, grey pants, and a baseball hat. The second suspect is described as 6’0 and was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, black bandana, and grey shorts.

According to CBC, the next two shootings occurred on July 26. The first shooting took place near the area of Tundra and Varna Driver area. Upon arriving at the scene, officers found numerous bullet holes in two windowpanes but noted that no victims had come forward.

Officers then responded to a call for gunshots at 88 Ridgevale Driver where it is suspected that several occupations in a black four-door sedan approached a pedestrian and opened fire on them.

Two more shootings went down the following day in the areas of Lawrence Avenue West and Verma Drive, and Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue West.

On Monday, July 29, officers again responded to a call of a shooting in the area of Celt Avenue and Highland hill. No victims have come forward.

Police would be back in the area shortly after 2 a.m on Tuesday responding to reports of another shooting in the Ranee Avenue and Varna Driver area.

The victim in the incident claimed that a truck pulled up beside them and someone inside the truck firing. Police stated that the victim’s vehicle was shot at multiple times.

Police are asking anyone with information about any of the incidents to reach out to police or call Crime Stoppers.

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