Picture this: it's 8pm, you've already started drinking, and you run out of alcohol before the party even begins. You've had too much to drink to drive to LCBO, and regardless, it closes in an hour and there's no way you'll make it. Should you just surrender to your own lack of preparation and give up on the night?

Never! Starting some time this year, The Liquor Control Board of Ontario is rolling out a home delivery service that allows you to order booze from the comfort of your own home.

“The LCBO is moving forward by creating a best-in-class e-commerce open marketplace…. It will provide consumers with access to a wider variety of products, as well as the flexibility to order online and pick up products in store or have them delivered to their home,” reads a statement in the 2016 Liberal Budget PDF.

Many countries, like China and the UK, already use e-commerce platforms to offer alcoholic beverages, and implementing this system would have us ahead of the US, who has yet to do so.

Ontario’s Minister of Finance and MPP of Mississauga South Charles Sousa stated that the budget aims tackle an LCBO home delivery service by mid-2016. Hopefully it will come before summer!

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Source: TRC 

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