Loblaws announced today that a new pilot will soon be tested in the Toronto area. Loop, a company known for its circular shopping system designed to limit waste, will be teaming up with Canada's largest grocery retailer on Loblaws reusable grocery containers in Toronto. According to a Loop press release, the new initiative will be launched early next year in Toronto on a trial basis. It will allow participants to buy products from several leading brands, including President’s Choice, in reusable containers.

At first,  the environmentally-friendly containers will only be available via online delivery. Loblaws will collect each container once the customers are finished with them and place them back into the reusable cycle. The innovative solution hopes to aid in reducing Canada’s waste. “There is too much plastic waste,” explained Loblaw executive chairman Galen Weston in a news release. “Our industry is part of the problem, and we can be part of the solution.

The initiative is revolutionary for Canada. Loop is currently the only global platform on the market that provides brands and retailers with sustainable packaging options by switching from disposability to durability. In some ways, it’s an old school idea, with the initiative bearing a resemblance to the old “milkman model.”

Here's an example of what the Loblaws reusable containers will look like:

"With its operational scale and its commitment to environmental sustainability, Loblaw is the perfect partner to bring Loop to Canada," explained Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle and Loop. "Together, as we bring back the milkman model of yesterday rebooted to reflect the convenience of today, we will help to eliminate the idea of waste and bring a better product experience to consumers."

Torontonians who wish to take part in the trial, which is scheduled to begin in early 2020,  are being encouraged to sign up at www.buydurable.com.

Narcity reached out to Loblaws for comment and will update the story when we receive a response.

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