Comedian Louis C.K. took the stage in Toronto this week for the first time since his fall from grace in 2017. The Louis C.K. Toronto show took place at Yuk Yuk’s comedy club for an “XXX-rated adults only” audience on October 2, 2019. The comedy veteran is scheduled to perform a total of five shows this October.

Tickets were initially sold for just $35 a pop, but according to The Toronto Star, the shows quickly sold out. One seller has even priced their ticket at $1,000 on Kijiji.

C.K.’s sold-out Toronto shows set social media ablaze with people criticizing the comedy club's willingness to host the controversial shows.

“Absolutely f--k Yuk Yuks Toronto for having Louis CK there next week and fuck you if you go to any of his shows. Care more about the safety of female comedians, female staff, etc.,” wrote one user.

Clearly, others are all too excited to see C.K. live. “You know cancel culture doesn’t exist when you’re in a group chat with guys who would eagerly see Louis CK’s upcoming performance in Toronto and are then disappointed when it is ALREADY SOLD OUT!” wrote another Twitter user.

Yuk Yuk's provided the following statement to Narcity in response to their decision to host C.K. at their venue.

“We see comedy as the final frontier, and we don’t censor artists. We want them to perform without scrutiny. We trust that our audiences can decide for themselves what their limits are. We understand that not everyone will agree with our decision, and we respect their right to disagree. We also respect Louis CK’s right to perform. Over the past 40 years, Yuk Yuk’s has brought the most popular and the most sought-after comics that people want to see. We are not the gatekeepers of ideas. We are a comedy club.”

According to CBC, C.K. addressed a number of topics during his set, including Justin Trudeau's brownface scandal and even his own sexual misconduct allegations. "My thing is: I like to masturbate, and I don't like to be alone," C.K. said.

C.K. will hold his fifth and final Toronto show at the comedy club on October 6, 2019. No cellphones or recording devices are permitted at any of his five shows.

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