Yesterday should’ve been a celebrated moment for Toronto’s LGBTQ community. Toronto City Hall raised the rainbow flag to celebrate the start of Pride Month. Just hours later, an altercation led to a man arrested in Church-Wellesley village.  According to CTV, police received a call about “a disturbance” in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood shortly before 6:00 PM on Tuesday.

“One person had a bullhorn, and they started making comments that were derogatory towards the LGBTQ community … There was one gentleman in particular whose conduct we determined to be criminal and that we thought was causing a disturbance,” Inspector Jim Gotell explained during an interview with Global News on Tuesday.

A video of the disturbance was shared on YouTube. In the footage, a man who has been identified as Pastor David Lynn is arrested by a group of police officers as a large crowd of protesters chant “Whose street? Our street!” in the background. Following Lynn’s arrest, the crowd can be cheering as the pastor is escorted to a cruiser by two officers. 

In another longer video of the incident shared online, Lynn can be seen shouting into a microphone near Church and Wellesley declaring that he is “coming out as a Christian,” and asking people if they will “tolerate him.”

According to CTV, Lynn was arrested for disturbing the peace. Police announced they would be laying formal charges against the pastor on Tuesday evening. However, no updates have been given provided as of yet.

“Our hate crime investigators are going to be reviewing what was said today to determine if additional charges could be laid,” Gotell said to Global News. “We are asking people if they did make a video of what happened, to please turn it over to us.”

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