An unknown Toronto fisherman is causing quite a stir online after a video of him fishing off a tiny chunk of ice was posted to Reddit. The man who was spotted fishing at Harbour Square Park, which is located on the edge of Toronto’s Waterfront, was seen casually dipping his pole into the frigid lake while drifting a few feet from shore on an ice floe.

In the brief video, you can see the man casually casting out his line as pedestrians walk past the bizarre sight without so much as turning their heads. Which is pretty much the standard Toronto response to weirdness, but our question is - how exactly did he get out there?

A small black object sits beside the man in the video, which Redditors speculated to be a paddle. “There is definitely a paddle lying next to him. You can see the narrow handle and wide paddle part. It's black,” wrote one user before being corrected by the video’s publisher who insisted that the man had used a shovel, “It was actually a shovel. But it got the job done for him!”

Via Reddit

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According to the publisher, the man later used the shovel to paddle himself back to shore. “Shortly after this was taken he somehow produced what looked like a shovel which he then used to paddle to shore,” wrote the user. Most Canadian thing we've ever heard.

Via KieranPetrasek | Reddit

Redditors speculated on what kind of fish the man might be looking to catch in his daring pursuit, with one user suggesting that pike are usually coasting near the harbour this time of year. The user posted a YouTube video to support his claims.

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Strange occurrences like these are basically becoming the norm for Toronto, but we've got to hand it to this whacky individual for managing to make his unusual activity a pillar of Canadian pride. Watch the full video here.

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