A 31-year-old man is now facing criminal charges of mischief after he allegedly climbed to the top of the Scotiabank Arena's 21-metre metal art installation on Sunday - in the middle of a windstorm, no less. Toronto Police and Fire emergency crews were alerted to intervene at 4:30 PM on Sunday when a man was found stranded at the top of one of the three, tall, conical structures outside of the Scotiabank Arena.

The man was eventually rescued. Toronto firefighters had to use a high-rise truck, a crane-like ladder, and a basket, to carry the man down the 4-storey art installation.

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A wind warning was issued for the city of Toronto by Environment Canada on Sunday morning and remained in effect into the evening hours. The weather agency said wind speeds were expected to hit 100 km/h in some parts of the Greater Toronto Area. They were strong enough to blow shingles off roofs, uproot trees, and cause power outages, according to the National Weather Agency.

Toronto's emergency services have no idea how the man climbed up the sculpture.  According to Toronto emergency services, once he was safely carried down just before 6:00 PM, he was medically treated in hospital after being exposed to yesterday's cold and gusty winds for at least an hour.

Around the time that the man was rescued by Toronto emergency services, Mitch Meredith, severe weather meteorologist with Environment Canada, reported to CBC Toronto, "We're still expecting strong gusts. In fact they may gust up to about 95 km/h through tonight, so we are going to be continuing the wind warning."

Toronto has a rather perplexing history of its residents haphazardly climbing the city's structures.  How could we forget the now-infamous Toronto Crane Girl, or when two men shockingly climbed a crane at Yonge and Eglinton in 2018, the former becoming so iconic that an artistic depiction of the incident actually became a tattoo?

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Nonetheless, Toronto residents are once again unimpressed with the man who climbed the Scotiabank Arena's structure, mostly because emergency resources could be used for other, more important purposes (according to critics):

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