According to a poll by Leger for The Canadian Press, Justin Trudeau's Liberals are missing the mark when it comes to satisfying the needs of Canadians under their governance. Since Trudeau and his Liberal government were elected in 2015, 46% of survey respondents say that Canada is doing worse than before the new government came to power. Only 22% believe that the country's condition has improved, while 27% have not yet seen a change.

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Despite our reputation for being an excessively polite people, Canadians aren't keeping quiet about their disapproval regarding the current state of the nation under Trudeau's leadership.  Here are a few of the less obscene criticisms posted by Canadians recently:

Conducted from the 15th to the 19th of February of this year, the internet-based survey evaluated the opinions of 1,500 Canadian eligible voters above the age of 17 who were recruited at random through the company's online panel.

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The survey suggests that the most critical issues to Canadians are economic growth and employment, taxes, and finances.

According to the Executive Vice President of Leger, the numbers demonstrate that Canadians are just not sure about whether they believe the current government's deficit-financing method to managing the national budget is actually improving the Canadian economy.

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