Canadians are flooding social media this morning with complaints about Canada Post as delivery delays continue to wreak havoc on the company’s reputation. The mail company has been playing catch up ever since heated disputes between Canada Post and its employees broke out last October over benefits, wages and job security. The Canada Post strike drove employees to simply walk out on the job, sending Canada's mail service into chaos.

The strike went on for weeks, causing mayhem during the holiday season. The situation came to a head when Ottawa passed legislation in November that forced protesters to return to work. A mediator was assigned and a promise was made to resolve issues between the company and its employees. A solution has yet to be reached.

Customers continue to suffer from frustrating delays with some taking to social media to expose Canada Post's faulty service. One user mocked the company for its inaccurate mail tracker, which often misleads customers to believe their package is about to be delivered only to be delayed by several days:

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Others complained about the fact that the company stopped offering Amazon Prime as compensation, even though delays remained just as bad as ever. "Look, if you don't want to give me a date for the delivery, then don't give me one, but if you do and it doesn't come on time, I'm expecting another month of prime,” wrote one user.

There is currently an entire Reddit thread dedicated to complaints about Canada Post with hundreds of unsatisfied customers commenting on it:

Via Reddit comment

Via Reddit thread

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It is uncertain at this moment whether these delays are due to the residual issues caused by the strike, or if the company is merely struggling to keep up with the ever-changing mail service industry. One thing is for certain though; something has to change.

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