Although it may seem difficult to sympathize with her, Marcella Zoia has been having a rough time since the infamous incident.  The 19-year-old Toronto woman who hurled a chair and other items off a downtown Toronto condo balcony in February has reportedly been suffering. Marcella Zoia has faced "personal problems" since the "chair-throwing" video went viral, including the loss of numerous friends and being kicked out of school.

Zoia's lawyer, Gregory Leslie, offered some insight into the challenges the young woman has been experiencing since charges against her were laid last month.  Not only have her friends isolated her, but she also lost her spot in a dental hygiene program, he tells CP24.

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Outside of a courthouse, after appearing in court on Zoia's behalf this morning, Leslie informed reporters that he believes the situation has been "extremely embarrassing" for Zoia.  "I think she's lost a lot of her friends", he explains.

He also references issues that have arisen between Zoia and her mother, but claims those problems have since been "worked out".  Leslie confirmed in a statement to NewsTalk1010 that Zoia indeed has been expelled from her school, concluding "she's been having a hard time dealing with this".

According to her lawyer, Zoia has been "wrongly expelled" from her dental hygiene program.  He told reporters, "There’s always the presumption of innocence. For a young lady to make a mistake and then be expelled from school, I think it’s absolutely inappropriate. I’m actually looking into that and hopefully we’ll have her back in school in a month or two."

Later, Leslie commented, "It’s very unfortunate that this happened but it’s been a hard lesson."  He also explained that Zoia plans to receive counselling.

Back in February, Marcella Zoia allegedly threw two chairs, along with several other objects, over the balcony of a condo building while a friend filmed and posted the event to social media.  Fortunately, no one was injured by the items as they fell in front of the entrance of a building at Harbour and York streets.

Four days following the incident, Zoia surrendered herself to police and was charged with mischief endangering life, mischief-damage to property over $5,000 and common nuisance.  Ultimately, she was released on $2,000 bail on the condition that she avoids spending time on high floors of tall buildings.

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Since the incident, Leslie claims that Zoia has been "keeping low", despite her frequent posts on social media.  Leslie insists "She wants this matter to be over with" and that his client simply wants to avoid a trial.  Members of the public have criticized Zoia for failing to attend her court date this morning.

Zoia's lawyer's narrative seems to conflict with how the 19-year-old is portraying her life on social media.  Based on her Instagram profile, she doesn't look too unhappy.

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According to Leslie, police have been in touch with "another person of interest" in the case since Zoia was charged, but is uncertain whether the investigation has progressed further.  Leslie is next due in court on April 26th, but suggested the matter may take up to "three or four months" to fully resolve.

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