It's been a busy few weeks for Toronto's notorious "Chair Girl". Shortly after having a small and short-lived cameo in Drake's latest music video, Marcella Zoia's Instagram account has received official verification. She got the little blue tick a little more than a week before she will attend her sentencing hearing after pleading guilty back in November.

Zoia's Instagram account, which has over 42,000 followers, notably boasted the checkmark on the morning of Monday, January 6.

Her name became known back in February 2019 after she was filmed throwing a chair over a high-rise apartment complex balcony and down towards the Gardiner Expressway.

Back in November, the 20-year-old pleaded guilty to Mischief Endangering Life. She will be back in court for her sentencing hearing next week, on January 14.

Since the initial incident made headlines, Zoia has become a person of interest in the 6ix in more ways than one.

Firstly, there was the scrutiny surrounding her many court date appearances, like the intense all-black look she wore into a Toronto courtroom despite the cold weather.

And even in the weeks since that court date, she's hasn't exactly avoided the public eye.

Two weeks after her guilty plea, she was lighting it up at Wildflower in the 6ix for her 20th birthday.

And, of course, there was Drake's hotly-debated decision to feature her in a scene of his latest Blue Mountain Resort-shot video "War" in December.

The clip was fairly short, but for many Torontonians, it was hard to miss Zoia as a background actress in a blue-lit house.

Ultimately, Drake was strongly criticized for his decision to glorify Zoia in his video. In fact, soon after releasing the video he removed her cameo and reuploaded the video without her.

Drizzy even addressed the removal of the post in his Instagram story.

And with Zoia's sentencing hearing looming, it seems Instagram has now deemed her famous enough. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the nature of her notoriety, "Chair Girl" going official hasn't gone over too well with some observers.

"Chair girl is verified on instagram are you f****** serious rn," reads one tweet.

"Kids take notes drop out of school today and start recording the most dangerous and stupid s** till it goes viral THIS is the new blueprint!!!!!"

Regardless of what people think, though, Zoia doesn't seem to care about their opinions.

On an Instagram post discussing her verification, she commented on the debate with the shrug and cry-laugh emojis.

Whether you love Zoia or hate her, it doesn't take away from the fact that she's grown notorious online and here in the 6ix.

At her sentencing next week, it's reported that she could face up to six months in jail.

At least she's got that blue tick clout, though.

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