It looks like the mayor is unhappy with the verdict of Marcella Zoia's sentencing. In an interview on Wednesday morning, John Tory expressed his disappointment that Chair Girl is not spending time in custody after her highly publicized trial. He states that she has not learned her lesson. 

In a daily update with CP24, the mayor expressed his thoughts on the matter and mentioned that the Toronto model should have ended up with jail time.  

"I think the sentencing out of touch aspect of the justice system from time to time that concerns me greatly," he said in the interview. 

"She should have gone to jail for really enough time to send a message to her and everybody else."

"This is a person who even afterwards it seems, didn't learn any lessons, which sort of proves the point that it's...not a deterrent to her, but it won't be to other people," Tory continued.

Zoia walked away with 150 hours of community service and a $2,000 fine after she went viral for throwing a chair off of a Toronto highrise balcony in 2019. Nobody was hurt in the incident. 

The mayor also noted his disappointment that Zoia was on Instagram posting videos of herself partying after the sentencing.

Tory described her as somebody who "walks out and immediately proceeds to go back on social media and look like they're celebrating."

"I mean, this...behaviour is representative of something that has to be ... in the strongest possible terms...seen to be absolutely unacceptable."

It was proposed that the 20-year-old should face up to six months in jail for her actions, for which she plead guilty

Her charges included mischief endangering life, as well as mischief — damage to property over $5,000.

The Crown was also considering banning her from social media; this ruling did not go through. 

However, this isn't the first time that the model has made headlines during a court date. 

She also famously showed up looking unconcerned with a Starbucks in hand while smiling for the cameras last year. 

The Toronto influencer also ended up missing one of her court dates to do a modelling gig in Miami.  

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