All commuters in Toronto know that the A/C situation in the subway is, to put it lightly, less than favourable. Some reports even tell of a few subway cars having reached internal temperatures of up to 32.5 degrees C this summer... Not cool, literally.

One commuter in particular, Bianca Spence, is fed up with it and directed her concerns to Mayor John Tory on Twitter.

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Spence is a regular rider of the Bloor-Danforth line and commutes basically end-to end everyday, from Kennedy to Kipling. After a series of tweets to Tory about the A/C problems on Line 2 earlier in July, she finally got a response from his office, who told her to "find a time when the mayor could ride with her."


Mayor Tory agrees that poorly functioning A/C in a major transit system is unacceptable. The TTC has stated that it is doing its best to address the issue, but it is unlikely that the A/C units won't be fixed until the fall, as it takes up to 4 days to repair each unit.

Source: Metro News

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