They're finally here - the richest, the baddest, and the realest housewives of Toronto have been revealed for the latest contribution to the iconic reality series.

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Premiering on Tuesday, March 7 on Slice this year, The Real Housewives of Toronto will follow the footsteps of its predecessors, showcasing the lives of six wealthy women and their day-to-day doings. A trailer released by the television network confirms that the show will have just as much juicy gossip and drama as expected:

Meet the six ladies that will be gracing your TV screens this Spring (excerpts taken from

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Kara Alloway

"Wife, mother and fashionista, Kara is a self-described goody two-shoes and member of Toronto’s social elite. Well-established in the Toronto social scene, Kara has struck up friendships and feuds with many of the other wives and effortlessly floats between the old and new money crowds. With her born-again Christian values at the root of all she does, her traditional grounding can sometimes place her at odds with the other liberal-thinking housewives."

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Roxy Earle

"With big style, big personality, and an even bigger bank account, Roxy is a dynamic force. This gorgeous, curvy, outspoken, jet-setter is second wife to the prosperous Toronto tech investor Raghu, but don’t call her a trophy wife. Being a younger wife, Roxy knows women may see her as a threat, but she’s happily married, confident and has all the money in the world not to care."

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Gregoriane (Grego) Minot

"Grego is a proud mother of two who lives in the moment, and is the life of the party. Adopted at two weeks old, Grego was raised in Montreal but now calls Toronto home. Known for her work as a well-established French Canadian actress, she put her career on hold to start a family. Grego has crossed paths with most of the wives before, as some hold memberships to her husband’s clubs.  She has a long time friendship with Joan and is neighbourhood friends with Jana."

Ann Kaplan Mulholland

"An intoxicating mix of beauty and brains, Ann is definitely one-of-a-kind. A self-made business woman, Ann spends the bulk of her days as the CEO and President of iFinance Canada Inc., the parent company to Medicard, Petcard and Dentalcard. Married to Stephen for 15 years, one of Toronto’s top plastic surgeons, the couple call the affluent Forest Hill neighbourhood home."

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Joan Kelly Walker

"Growing up in a small Canadian prairie town of Wilcox, Saskatchewan didn’t stop Joan from dreaming of a big city life. Elegant and composed, she first made her mark as a model, eventually adding television host, producer, writer and humanitarian to her resume. Even with her professional accomplishments, Joan is probably best known as the wife of Don Walker, CEO of Magna International, one of the richest men in Canada. They have two kids together, and she is step-mom of two sons from Don’s first marriage."

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Jana Webb

"Jana is a sizzling CEO of her company JOGA (Yoga for Jocks) and a single mother who is all about balancing family and business with pleasure. Jana’s not looking for Mr. Right, only Mr. Right Now as she continues to grow her fitness empire.A relative newcomer to the Toronto social circuit, Jana has a roster of celebrity clients and fabulous friends that would make even the richest housewife jealous. Jana can often be found jet setting with Joan or hanging out with Grego as they both live in the Beaches neighbourhood."

May the games begin!

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