This article was originally posted on September, 04 2018.

Unless you've been living under a rock, most Canadians know that the newest member of the British royal family, Meghan Markle, calls Toronto her second home. While the Duchess of Sussex now resides across the ocean in England, she previously lived in Ontario's capital while working and filming the show "Suits"

Meghan is typically on a regime that's fairly strict to the royal palace but recently the Duchess had some time to slip back into Canada. Not only did she manage a visit in with her best friend, she did so without being detected. 

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It was confirmed that Meghan had travelled to Canada to catch up with her Canadian BFF, stylist Jessica Mulroney, married to the host of eTalk, Ben Mulroney. She's also known as "Auntie Meg" to the couples three kids, twin brothers Brian and John, and their youngest girl, Ivy. 

Jessica and Meghan became friends while the Dutchess was living in the city. They became so close that the Mulroney's three children were actually included in the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry. 

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The friends apparently spent time cooking and catching up before sneaking out for one night on the town to catch up with old friends in Canada. 

@jessicamulroneyembedded via  

@jessicamulroneyembedded via  

But how did one of the most famous women in the world sneak into Canada undetected? One person who saw the Duchess on her Air Canada flight into Toronto said it was all about her low profile. 

Meghan kept a very casual flying wardrobe with black jeans, a sweater and ballet flats, paired with a baseball cap to blend in with the crowd. She enjoyed a glass of champagne and tea in true British fashion while watching a rom-com during her flight too.

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What did give the Duchess away were the two secret service agents who were seen travelling with her during her flight. Kensington Palace had reached out to the airline prior to departure and asked that the royal have no one approach her or photograph her. 

It seems like a lot of work for Meghan to head back for only three days but we're sure that reuniting with her best friend was worth the hassle! 

Source: The Sun

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