There was a large turnout of hundreds of people who came out to protest Meghan Murphy at a Toronto Public Library on Tuesday night. People were upset that Murphy, a controversial journalist who has discriminated against trans folk and undermined gender identity issues, was given a platform to speak at Palmerston Library. Murphy is a self-proclaimed feminist who speaks against allowing trans women into women-only spaces, among other gender identity controversies. 

Meghan Murphy owns the website Feminist Current, and has been vocal about her views. She says that trans women should not be allowed into female-only spaces because they may trigger women who have experienced male violence in the past. She, therefore, rejects that trans women are women. 

The Toronto Public Library has faced backlash because of its decision to allow Meghan Murphy to speak, despite a petition against the event that garnered over 8,000 signatures, CTV News reports. 

PrideTO has said that they will be terminating their relationship with the Toronto Public Library, and will no longer be holding events there. 

However, the Toronto Public Library has said that they must uphold freedom of speech, which is why they did not pull the plug on the controversial event, according to Global News

“If you’re born male, you remain male for life,” Meghan Murphy says. She also said that the "trans-activist movement has made for the erasure of women."

Meghan Murphy spoke to a crowd of about a hundred women inside the library, who had to be escorted out by police due to the angry protestors, who were chanting "trans rights are human rights", according to Global News. The protestors consider Murphy's views hate speech, not freedom of speech. 

Other prominent Torontonians have also expressed concerns over Murphy's event at the library.

City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam even took to Twitter to say, "Tonight the @torontolibrary wrongly let a known transphobic speaker use public space to attack a Charter-protected group who are routinely and disproportionately targeted by hate & violence."

Mayor John Tory has also expressed distaste for this event, Global News reports. 

The name of the event was "Gender Identity: What Does It Mean for Society, the Law, and Women?". 

“I hope that the Toronto Public Library realizes that trans people matter,” Gwen Benaway, a transgender poet told the Globe and Mail. “Hosting transphobic speakers that promote intolerance in Canadian society is damaging and against the work of the Toronto Public Library.”

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