One Toronto restaurant is standing in solidarity with Mi'kmaq fisheries by boycotting all lobster sales "for the forseeable future." 

Oyster Boy announced on their social media that they are now working toward sourcing their lobster directly from First Nations fisheries.

The Trinity Bellwoods-area seafood spot, which also acts as a wholesaler for other Toronto-area restaurants, released a statement and addressed Nova Scotia's lobster situation while condemning violence and striving for ethics and sustainability.

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In a video statement, owner Adam Colquhoun said that the federal government and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans have to step in and make changes to stop the violence. 

"It's up to the federal government," he said. "We cannot have violence against other Canadians. We have to sit down, we have to sort this out.

"Who are we to come here and tell people that have lived here forever that you can't do this. That is sickening."

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